Thermotechnical installation

The personnel engaged in the execution of thermo-technical installations are trained to work and perform according to the defined project. In all phases of execution, the necessary technical and technological documentation is kept in accordance with the regulations that regulate this field. Through the realization, the necessary control of the installed equipment and materials is made, which is a guarantee of the quality of the implemented system. All work safety regulations are respected in the workplace, using the necessary means of protection at work.

Cooling installation

Industrial refrigeration plants were once only part of the production process. By raising awareness of the need to intensify efforts to conserve the environment, as well as awareness of the ever-increasing costs directly and indirectly associated with refrigeration systems, there is a need for more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions. Our team of experienced engineers will offer you more options for solutions, ranging from those that focus on energy efficiency and reliability, to those that need the lowest initial investment.


Depending on your needs, we design and perform installations both for individual needs and for combined needs (heating + air conditioning, air conditioning + ventilation, etc.). In addition, we also use systems that use renewable energy sources, such as heating and cooling using heat pumps (air-water, water-water, ground-water with geothermal probes), passive cooling, heating hot water consumption by solar collectors and other systems.


Ventilation systems are used to eject the used air (smoked by smoke, dust, moisture and heat) as well as by inserting fresh filtered air into the room. On the ventilation itself there is the possibility of installing a heat recovery device which by mixing the two mentioned air comes to great savings of up to 60% of the heat energy.


Insulation of water pipes as well as heating pipes is necessary in order to prevent condensation and unnecessary loss of energy. In sanitary hot water, insulation plays a role in keeping the water temperature from the boiler to the fountain, as well as in providing better comfort and energy savings, just as the water remaining in the tubes remains warm. On cold water pipes, it is necessary to prevent the formation of a condensate and to preserve the temperature of the cold water, which certainly helps to ensure adequate insulation.

Air condition

Air conditioning is a process of air treatment in a certain area in order to create the appropriate conditions for staying people and other living beings in it. In a wider sense, the term may refer to any form of cooling, heating, ventilation or disinfection, which modify the state of the air. Air conditioning as a branch of the technique includes technical procedures for achieving desired air parameters, and their maintenance in space with thermotechnical devices throughout the year.