Our company has founded in Belgrade, in 1990. Company’s activities includes installation and assembling all types of thermo-technics installations, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling installation and the rest mechanic installations and equipments. As part of the company we have production and storage hall of 1500 m 2 where we produce thermotechnic equipment and devices, technological equipment in industry, machining processing. I

n permanent employment among the rest, currently we have employed 3 M.Sc. Mechanical engineers, 1 mechanical engineer, 1 electro engineer with longtime experiences in this part of engineering. If necessary, depending of work, we hire already proven workers on specified time in order to complete agreed works more efficiently.

With modern organization, ENING unite in its own system certain number of independent specialized contractors, which completes wide activity of our company. Long time cooperation with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade in field projects and in solving the specified requests and conditions on some projects allows our company to rely on scientific team of experts – professors being our associates and advisers who helps in realization of our projects.

From 2005, we have started with installation of solar systems for heating in Montenegro. We have a longtime experience in engineering works by the system “turnkey” – from developing the project to installation and preparing for operation complete systems and objects.

Also, with our reliable subcontractors we perform construction and electrical works on contracted objects.

In 2006, our company established the subsidiary company in Montenegro, with head office in Bijelo Polje. In Montenegro works concentrate on the mechanical and the electrical installation and some of the objects being constructed in Montenegro are also mentioned in attached reference list.

Our references

Here you can see a list of all public and private companies, institutions and institutions with which we have had successful cooperation.

What are we really doing?

Installation and installation of all types of thermotechnical installations, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling of the installation.

In execution of works ENING program

 Relies on using the latest equipment and technologic process, aiming to optimize works and satisfaction of all specific demands of the investor. Good relationship with equipment and material manufactures allows the purchase of such materials and equipment in shortest deadlines which additionally insures that the deadline for execution of the agreed works are respected.